Property Management in London, Ont.

Posted in Blog by harrisoncartergroup on July 9, 2015

Are you an aspiring Landlord or real estate investor but do not want to handle the day to day requirements? Do you already have properties but no longer have the time or energy to deal with them? A property management company is probably a good idea for you! What should you be looking for in a company and what are your needs? Harrison Carter Group is here to talk about that with you.

Firstly, any company that has a proven track record of success in the industry is going to be flexible to your needs. Every situation is different and so are the services you may need. Do you mind handling the maintenance requirements of the property but prefer to not chase the rent every month? Do you have a direct payment system in place already but struggle to find new tenants? Do you require someone to look after trades people and meet them on site due to a lack of time or being too far away? These are all different scenarios that people deal with all the time as a result of owning properties. Some people have a natural ability to be able to handle it all and have the time to do it. For others it can be a real headache! That’s where Harrison Carter Group can make life easy for you.

Our expertise is in finding quality tenants and collecting rent on time. We find that happy tenants are more likely to pay on time if their concerns are being dealt with promptly and professionally. It takes a team of people to accomplish this. From Administration to Managers and a network of quality trades people, it takes a total team effort to be successful. Our goal has been and always will be “Happy Tenants=Happy Landlords”. If we do a great job for you, you are likely to use us again and recommend us to others. Our business model depends on it.

Please call us any time to discuss how we can custom fit a property management solution into your investment portfolio and make it flexible to your needs. Harrison Carter Group Inc. is here for you!