Executive House Rentals in London, Ont.

Posted in Blog by harrisoncartergroup on May 7, 2015

The 2015 spring market for executive house rentals in London, Ontario has been getting hotter along with the weather! This is good news for investors and landlords as the students leave town and new families prepare to re-locate to our beautiful city. It is also a great time to renovate before the fall and rent your property to a year round family that will pay the utilities for you!

Some of the recent mega projects in the city for student housing has greatly impacted the Mom and Pop landlords fighting for student tenants. No longer are the dingy basements good enough for our university and college students! No, in fact the latest trends seem to be furnished modern units with flat screen televisions and large common areas to study or just hang out. Often these places are only a fraction more than what they use to be paying for living in a cramped home with 4 or 5 other strangers and in messy and dated houses. Seems like bad news for some landlords, however others are adapting to the changing market! Recently we are seeing landlords getting out of the student market and revamping their properties in to beautiful modern family homes. The difficulty for young people to save enough for a down payment for a mortgage these days has led to an increase in the demand for family home rentals. This is the time to recognize the changing market and increasing competition and ‘vacate’ the student rental business!

Older renovated homes are in high demand for families. The value of these homes as family rentals also comes with the added advantage of having mature tenants that will likely look after the home and care for it much more. This means less wear and tear on the house and less calls to you for repairs! When was the last time a student cared about a leaky toilet or faucet when they are paying all inclusive? A tenant paying their own utilities will be on top of that. Especially since the increasing high costs of water! As you can see, there is an opportunity to be had right now and we are the team that can help you find the right tenants. From the initial walk through and valuation of the home to the lease signing, the team at Harrison Carter Group Inc. is here to help you all the way.

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